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The Science Behind Stem Cell Therapy

Stem cell therapy has become one of the most talked about topic in the medical industry lately. Although this modern innovation has already made successful treatments to patients all over the world, there are still mysteries that enshroud it. It is not that difficult to analyze how stem cells are used in this therapy. The process by which this therapy is done is usually assisted by a machine which makes things a lot easier. It is necessary to understand the definition of stem cells first in order to know what happens in this therapy.

The Body’s Stem Cells

A stem cell is basically a special type of cell in the human body that aids the regeneration of tissues in the system. An embryonic stem cell is one of the most active stem cells produced by the human body but it is only present in an embryo. Researchers have already observed embryonic stem cells under the microscope but their full ability is still not fully understood. Researchers have found out that these stem cells can successfully treat certain patients but their use is still considered controversial to most.

Stem cells are not just harvested in embryos but also in adult individuals. Bodily tissues inside the body usually contain adult stem cells that aids in regeneration in case of damages. The use of stem cell therapy is already legal in all places but their availability is still limited to certain regions in the country. Adult stem cells are typically acquired from the human brain tissues, bone marrow, and sometimes from the muscles. Researchers have also recently found out that fats contain large numbers of adult stem cells. The results of this stem cell treatment mainly depends on the source of the stem cells and how they are injected to the human body.

The Kinds of Stem Cells

The three major categories of stem cells are allogenic, autologous, and xenogenic. When referring to the stem cells produced by animals, they are termed as autologous. This kind of stem cell is usually used in transplants because it has the least chance of rejection. The term used to describe the stem cells that are used and harvested from the same species is allogenic stem cell. Stem cells do not usually have markers on them but when cells from the donor and patients are compatible, the results are outstanding. When stem cells are harvested from a different species, they are called xenogenic stem cells. Although there are cases that such stem cells are rejected by the receiver, there are still scenarios where they accepted by the body. You can know further about how this therapy works through your doctor.

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